Cigar Bar Menu

We always have a selection of cigars to choose from our ‘Cigar Bar’, all can be smoked in our heated atrium and can be paired with a whisky or rum, ask the staff for their recommendations.

We also have cigar bucks packages available.

Please note that if you are after a specific cigar from our menu please contact us to make sure it is in stock.


Petite Perla


Size:  32 x 4″

Origin:  Honduras

Strength: Medium- Strong

Wrapper:  Natural


Even though this cigar is “Petite”, its packed full of flavour, with notes of spiced apple, toasted bread, & subtle notes of orange zest. There is an extensive flavour of almond & butter popcorn & it leaves a lingering note of black pepper.

Liga 181 Corona


Size:  44 x 5.5″

Origin:  Nicaragua

Strength: Medium Body

Wrapper:  Maduro / Oscuro


The complex taste is intensely flavourful and full in body with well-balanced florals, leather undernotes, hints of spices and nites. It ends with whispers of coffee and chocolate.

Liga 708 Belicoso Jr.


Size:  52 x 5″

Origin:  Nicaragua

Strength: Full

Wrapper:  Maduro


Sweet floral whispers of pink peppercorn, earl grey and caramelized nuts with a powerful kick of leather, caramel, and malted chocolate.



Size:  44 x 5″

Origin:  Honduras

Strength: Medium

Wrapper:  Natural


Has notes of rich milk chocolate with subtle undertones of dried hay and a rich, sweet note of cinnamon sugar with whispers of french vanilla, which create a rich and creamy smoke leaving a lingering note of dark cherry, oak, california dates, and a fruit latte coffee.

Liga Robusto


Size:  50 x 5″

Origin:  Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Wrapper:  Equador


Well balanced floral flavours, leather undertones, hints of spices and nuts. It ends with whispers of coffee and chocolate.