Enjoy some “water of life” in Polly’s unique Whisky Tasting!

Do you know the difference about “whiskey” – with an ‘e’,  & “whisky” – without an ‘e’?

It is generally spelled whiskey in United States, & Ireland. Whilst, spelled whisky in Scotland, Canada, Australia, and several other countries.


Want to learn more? Join us at Polly for one of our Whisky Tastings!

Whisky Tasting, Bucks Melbourne

Rest back on our relaxing couches and listen to our expert bartender tell the story of the history of whisky. Followed by going into detail on your selected whiskies, including flavour notes about each of the 4 tasters you will be about to enjoy. This introduction lasts about 15-20 minutes.


Guests then have the opportunity, at their own pace, to taste each whisky & discuss amongst themselves which flavour is more prominent for each guest.


Finally, once the tasting is completed our expert will discuss with the guests what flavours they liked and didn’t like.


Ending the tasting with an Old Fashioned Cocktail for each guest.

Whisky Tasting Includes:

–  4 tasters of different whiskies per person, of your chosen theme below


–  Exclusive time and with one of our expert bartenders


–  Old Fashioned (whisky based) Cocktail per person

Enhance the experience – add a cigar to your class and our knowledgeable staff will also guide you through the cigar basics including cutting, lighting, smoking and storing cigars.


Cigars can be purchased separately on the day – if your guests would like to smoke during the tasting please notify the booking expert at the time of booking.



After the 15 to 20 minute intro from expert we recommend another 15 minutes to sip the whiskies and discuss flavours with your group. Once finished the Polly team will serve your old fashioned cocktail, please request when you are ready for them. Overall around 45 minutes for the tasting; but typically guests stay for another drink and lay back. So a 1.5 hour booking is perfect.

Types of whisky to choose for your tasting;


Our most popular selection.

All the whiskies included come from all different places around the world. This class is a great place to start in discovering what flavours your palate truly enjoys, thus leading to your favourite type of whisky!



Straight from the Barrel

Whisky in its most pure form, this class is all about whisky at the beginning of its life. You’ll get to try a range of overproof whiskies from around the world.




The newest trend for whisky lovers. Learn about why more and more enthusiasts are moving to Japanese whiskies.




Make American whiskey great again and lean all about the history of whiskey in America, from the highs and lows of prohibition, to the booming industry it has become today. You’ll learn why not all whiskey is bourbon with this all-American experience.



Explore some homegrown whisky heroes from near and far with this class dedicated to celebrating whisky in Australia. Find out how the lucky country is producing some of the best whiskies in the world and the struggle it took to get where we are now.



Indulge in a class dedicated to the biggest producer of whisky in the world. Explore the different regions of whisky in Scotland and the flavour differences between them, with a selection of Single Malt’s, & Blended. The creation of whisky in Scotland has a long and rich history, and in this class you’ll learn about how Scotland became the whisky power hose it is today.



The birthplace of what we call whiskey today. In this class you’ll learn about the rise and fall of Irish whiskey, what makes it unique, and the incredible distilleries bringing it back into bars today. Go green, drink Irish whiskey.




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