Selecting A Venue

5 Considerations for Selecting the Right Venue for your Party

Choosing a venue for a party seems like an overwhelming task. Are you torn between that function room with Parisian architecture and the one that’s in the city centre?

Let’s assume that you already picked the type of event you’ll have; several factors still need to be considered. But choosing the right venue can also be a fun challenge. Just follow these tips:

Hens Party


Determine who will make up the majority of the crowd. Are these ladies who would enjoy the cocktail lounge?Or gentlemen who will be interested in an absinthe selection, or whisky class? Make sure that the venue aligns with the tastes of your guests. Here’s how to calculate food and drinks for a party.

Another factor to consider is capacity. Try to get the accurate number of guests you’re expecting. A too small venue can make the guests uncomfortable, and a too big venue can make it difficult to sustain the party energy (it’s also a waste of money)


Your venue options are infinite if the budget is open-ended. But you’re probably reading this article because you want to maximise your resources.

It’s crucial to determine your budget at the very beginning. Even if it’s just an estimate, it can already narrow down your options. Afterwards, start finding a venue that you can afford. Make sure to leave an allowance for surprise expenses. Also, try to negotiate a rate or avail a package (if there’s any).

For example, take advantage of a bucks’ night package instead of paying for drinks as you go and ending up spending $70, you could choose an unlimited drink package and only spend $52. Added bonus, you will most likely get more drinks as well! Just stand upright when ordering.


Consider the other services offered by the venue and determine if they will be valuable for your party. Some venues also provide catering and floral arrangements, while others have set-up and restoration crew only.

Depending on the type of event you’re having, ask the management if your planned activities are allowed. For example, if it’s a hens’ night, can you invite topless waiters?

Also, ask what else the venue has to offer? The perfect example is hen’s requesting to reserve a space at Polly for cocktails. However, they are not aware of the Cocktail Making Class Polly offers, which is the perfect hens night activity. They are soon ecstatic!


“The quality of service is often what makes a difference between a good party and a bad party. You can get an idea about how they manage the staff, clients, and facilities through online reviews. Do they treat all customers like VIP? Are they familiar with all the cocktails they serve? Are they organised?”, advises Luke Wood, CEO of Monkeyfoodz who also moonlights as a coordinator for company events.

Cocktail Bar


Unless time and logistics prevent it, consider visiting the site before making a final decision. Pictures can be helpful, but some things are better seen in person. Request the manager to let you see the function area, comfort rooms, cocktail bar, and all other places you and your guests will be using.

Polly has two different Function Spaces, depending on what the guest is after for their event. A Private Function Space, upstairs from the main bar which is only 4 years old! This space has a fabulous twist on the unique 1920s Parisian theme downstairs & is perfect for groups of 35-65 guests. Guests who want a Private Room to celebrate with only their guests find this space a great choice.

However, some guests want a Function Space, however would like a more informal night. Polly’s Side Bar Function Space is perfect for this. Located in the main bar, guests enjoy their night in their reserved space, while keeping the atmosphere of the main bar.

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Written by Andrea North.