The Importance Of Whisky Tasting!

Whisky—there are several varieties to choose from, and it may be challenging to find one that is both delicious and fulfilling while sifting through all of the wonderful options.

“Whisky tasting is a delicious dilemma. Each sip entices your senses into properly enjoying a great whisky tasting class,” says whisky connoisseur Karina Wolfin of Direct Appliance Rentals.

So if you’re thinking about buck things to do for your bucks night, a fun and stylish whisky tasting would sure to spice things up. But first, here’s something you need to know about the importance of whisky tasting.

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It Teaches You The Process Behind The Flavour

It’s not only about the flavour when you taste whiskey; it’s also about what’s happening behind the scenes. The process of making whisky will be different at every distillery. One may understand more about procedures and how they affect flavour through whisky tasting.

It Explores The Subtlety Of The Whisky

Every whisky has a different ‘mash bill’ aka the different ingredients that the whisky is made of. For example bourbon has to be at least 51% corn in it’s mash bill, while scotch 51% grain (typically malted barley) . You won’t be able to explore and develop your understanding of flavour characteristics if you confine yourself to one style.

You may start to understand why each whisky is distinct by sampling as many different kinds of whiskey as possible.

It Requires Minimal Investment

Whisky Class Melbourne

One of the things that intimidate people about whiskey at a bar is the price. Your first reaction upon entering the restaurant is to be intimidated by the menu and rely only on the waiter’s recommendations. What if they skip to the top shelf, leaving you disappointed, and overcharged?

A tasting may provide you with the chance to sample items you wouldn’t want to splurge on testing or purchasing a bottle of to discover it didn’t have the flavour you expected.

It’s Good For Socialising

A lot of new relationships form around when the smell of whisky starts to linger. After a few drinks, everyone’s eager to express their thoughts and views on the whiskey, particularly in the latter part of the tastings.

You’ll Learn And Experience New Things

The nine to five routine Monday through Friday may be monotonous. While sitting at a desk, your mind frequently wanders to new experiences, vacations, and crossing items off one’s bucket list. An evening of whisky tasting and wonderful stories may take you to beachfront, mountaintops, or camping sites. It provides new chances to learn about other people’s experiences, which is always a plus.

You’ll Walk Away As A Professional

As a result of hearing the tales and trying out the drink, you’ll leave knowing much more than you did when you first came. So the next time you go to a bar, you’ll know precisely what to order. Or, when you’re going to a social gathering and would like to bring the right bottle, you’ll be prepared.

Why not join? A great starting place to dip your toes into learning about whisky is with us at Polly Cocktail Bar. We offer intimate classes for two, or if you have a bucks, or hens and want to try something different, we can host up to 20! Jump onto our Whisky Class page, and find out more.

Written by Andrea North.