Why Is High Tea a Good Idea for a Hen’s Party?

When talking about a Hen’s Party, we usually imagine a boozy night where some Adonis with a bow tie comes out of a gigantic box. But let’s be honest: it’s not the idea of fun for some people.

Aside from that, you might want a unique pre-wedding celebration—perhaps a high tea?

“When we talk about tea parties, we often think of British gently, gilded armchairs, and whispered giggles. There’s an idea that the “afternoon tea” tradition was exclusive to nobility, but the British working class also enjoyed “high tea.” The tradition of drinking has evolved and is now held for different kinds of celebrations, including Hen Parties.”explains Max Funding Founder Shane Perry.

So why organise a high tea instead of a trip to a casino in a limousine?

Cocktail High Tea

It Can Be Non-Alcoholic

If you’re not the kind who fancies wild adventures, a tea party is an excellent choice. But if you want to enjoy responsible inebriation, a few glasses of sparkling wine can go well with your dainty lemon berry petit fours.

To avoid all the trouble, consider choosing any of the High Tea Packages offered at the Polly Bar. For only $76 per person, the group can sit back and relax in an opulent bar with plush couches and delicate bites. Each guest can choose between cocktails, mocktails, or just a regular teapot.

Your Mother-In-Law Will Approve

You might want to avoid naughty surprises during the Hen’s Party, especially with your mother-in-law in the present!

Stay in her good graces with a sophisticated (but still fun!) high tea. This type of party is suitable for all ages—even grandma can attend! It’s more relaxed, and everyone can have a share of the good old gossip. Tea parties are also the type of memories you can freely share with your future kids.

It’s Instagram Worthy!

Cocktail High Tea

Tea parties offer great photo opportunities that can make some of your Instagram followers drool. There are lovely place settings, colourful flowers, dainty china, and a shining cake stand piled with mouth-watering treats. Everyone is in brightly coloured dresses. It’s the perfect aesthetic for your wedding scrapbook (physical or digital).

At Polly Bar, we’re committed to making sure guests get the best experience possible. Feel free to speak with our management about the specifics of your party.

There’s Also A Cocktail Class Option

Why not make the Hen’s Party a learning experience? Get the group to attend a 2-hour cocktail class at our fabulous Melbourne Bar!

You’ll learn cocktail techniques, tips & tricks, and recipes that you can use at other parties or Friday nights at home.

An expert mixologist will show you how to bring flavours to come to life! Guests can also make non-alcoholic options.

For a unique Hen’s Night experience, book a high tea party, a cocktail class, or a premium bubbly experience at Polly Cocktail Bar. We offer luxury, privacy, and excitement within our Parisian-themed main bar, or Private Function Room.

Written by Andrea North.