Don’t want to pay hundreds for a photographer, but want to have photos of the event?

We have the answer!

The team at Polly asked ourselves, how can we improve our amazing guests experience!

The answer was a Photo Booth!

We saw how different companies were charging an arm and a leg… and a hand; to use their photo booths. So we came up with a low cost, incredible value Photo Booth for our functions!

Instead of charging $600 to $800 +, we are charging a flat fee of $150 to use the Photo Booth for the night.

The pictures, are not printed out, however, with technology these days the photos are all online, and can be downloaded directly to each guests phone as they take the photos, with a QR code, and/or the link with all the photos at the event can be shared to all guests after the event.

How Does it Work?

Let us know you want to book the photo booth, and we will have it ready and set up for your event.

We have a box of dress ups/funny props for the photos. Then on the day, press ‘Photo’ on the iPad screen and get shooting!

The photo booth takes 4 photos and saves the pictures in the format below. It also saves a GIF of the 4 photos also.

On the Monday, we will send you a link of all the photos for you to enjoy, download, and share to your friends.

Let us know if you have any questions? Or please request when booking your event.

photo booth function
photo booth function
photo booth function
Can you put a price on memories?

Yes… $150 πŸ™‚

In 5 years when you look back and wished you had an easy link with all the photos to remember! Easy investment decision!