Espresso Martini


Standard Drinks: 2

ABV 25% | 100ml


Melburnian’s  favourite cocktail? This Espresso Martini mix is delicious, pour it straight into a glass on ice and get the flavour of an espresso martini, without going to all the effort of shaking with coffee, or grab your shaker add a shot of coffee and create a traditional Espresso Martini.

This delicious cocktail consists of Wyborowa Vodka, Kahlua, Teichenne Vanilla Schnapps, & the perfect dilution of Water.



Two methods;

Open the bottle, pour over ice in a rocks glass, and enjoy!


Second method consists on adding this cocktail into a shaker, with a shot of espresso coffee, shaking the drink with no ice (short and hard) for 30-60 seconds. Adding ice then shaking for 7-10 seconds (until shaking tin is ice cold). Service in a frozen martini glass with no ice. Add three coffee beans.


We recommend serving in an ice cold glass, by placing in the refrigerator or freezer prior to service.


Store at room temperature, or in the refrigerator.

Prior to serving ensure the product is placed in the refrigerator an hour prior. This will ensure you get the optimal flavour, & enjoyment.
Refrigerate after opening and consume within three days.


Drink responsibly.

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